Welcome to My Bernadett Bihari Website!

Many thanks to my parents I began playing piano at an early age and have become an accomplished pianist. I was one of the finalists in the National Cocktail Piano Competition in Budapest, Hungary a few years ago. I have lived in The United Arab Emirates, Japan, and several other exotic countries making my living as a professional bar pianist. Traveling around the globe for over 14 years, I have learned and performed virtually every style of music that exists in the entertainment world.

Most recently I have toured around the world on a luxury cruise ship with a band as a keyboardist, but I have also had several contracts as a solo pianist and as a member of a piano-string trio.

My repertoire ranges from the favorite oldies (swing, bossa nova, jazz standards, waltz, and pop) to movie sound tracks, and some of the contemporary favorites such as Adele, Sting, and Coldplay.